Another one for K Jadhav bonus wicket for India

29.4 K Jadhav to Corey Anderson, out Caught by Rahane!! Just like that Jadhav has his second. But this is poor, poor cricket from Corey Anderson. He has hit a full toss straight to a wide mid-off. High full toss outside off, he could've chosen any part of the ground, went too hard on the stroke, the bat turned and he sliced it to Jinks. Easy catch. 

And the move to bring Jadhav back has worked. Great captaincy by MS it must be said - he had a long-off too and kept Jinks at a short mid-off position, deliberately kept wide as well. Slightly in and we have seen this move by him in the IPL before. Works wonders for him. Uncoventional but brilliant. Corey Anderson c Rahane b K Jadhav 6(5)

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