Virat Kohli reached 150 runs brilliant innings from him

47.5 Boult to Kohli, 2 runs, whips it wide of long-on and hurtles back for the second. That's his 150. Waves his bat to the entirety of the crowd in a 360 degree arc. He has people feeding off the tip of his fingers

Virat Kohli completed his 26th ODI Century

Neesham to Kohli, 1 run, there it is! Another run-chase, another hundred. As simple as that. And what's more! There's absolutely no celebration. Nothing. I'm not making this up. 

The Indian balcony stands and applauds what has been a wonderful knock. He was dropped early on by Taylor .. who is clapping by the way .. clapping at his own misery. Just a dab past backward point to get to the milestone

Partnership broken MS Dhoni caught by Ross Taylor

35.5 Matt Henry to Dhoni, out Caught by Ross Taylor!! This has come completely against the run of play and it's a soft, soft dismissal. Kohli wears a wry smile, then pats Dhoni on his way off. Back of length just outside off, 

Dhoni lines up to force it off the back foot, then thrusts his hands towards the ball well in front of the body giving the impression that it stopped on him. Chips it straight to cover. New Zealand have a window. Dhoni c Ross Taylor b Matt Henry 80(91)

MS Dhoni brings up his fifty in over an year

25.2 Matt Henry to Dhoni, 1 run, first fifty (61st in ODIs) for MS Dhoni in over an year. The last time he got 50 or more was against South Africa in Indore, October 2015. This has been a very good innings. 

Promoted himself up the order, took the responsibility and steadied India after a couple of early wickets. Short of a length delivery on the leg stump, Dhoni works it through backward square leg. He lifts his bat to acknowledge the applause from the dressing room and the crowd

MS Dhoni reached his 9000 ODI Runs with maximum

Six! And that is 9,000 ODI runs for MS Dhoni! Reaches a massive career milestone with a trademark six, he has hammered this down the track over long off. He's the 3rd wicket-keeper/batsman and 5th Indian to reach 9,000 runs in ODIs