Ross Taylor was stumped from Mishra's excellent delivery

28.3 Mishra to Ross Taylor, out Stumped!! Full marks to Mishra. That is the way to bowl a leggie. And Mishra pumps his fist. Lovely flight from Mishra, tossed up around off, but the real action begins after the ball pitches, defeats Taylor who was looking to play across the line, the dip taking it past the bat and an easy stumping for MS. 

Taylor's forward movement took him past the crease and he had no chance. Super stuff. And a big wicket too for Taylor was looking really dangerous, for the first time on tour. He was getting his eye in and seemed to slowly finding his touch back. New Zealand didn't need that jolt. At the most inopportune moment. Ross Taylor st Dhoni b Mishra 44(57) 

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