Another stumping for Mishra Dhoni is quick again behind the stumps

30.2 Mishra to Ronchi, out Stumped!! When MS is confident, then you better walk off. He rarely bluffs. Never goes up when it is not out. "Hands faster than a pickpocket", "fastest hands in the east" are some of the new phrases that Ravi Shaz throws up on air. He sure is working on his vocab everyday. Keen learner too. And enlightens us with his booming voice. What a joy! The wicket though is all Mishra's. 

Again a brilliant leggie, pitches, turns away, past the drive of Ronchi, Ronchi had his back foot out and couldn't get it back in. Very little backlift from MS. That's why he can get it back onto the stumps so quickly. Very unique technique. Not from the textbook. But if it works so well, why not. New Zealand are losing wickets very quickly. And there are some glum faces in their camp. Ronchi st Dhoni b Mishra 1(4)

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