Martin Guptill getting out for lbw by Yadav

6.4 U Yadav to Guptill, out Lbw!! Plumb! Dead! Guptill is skimming the sweat off his helmet as he walks off. Again out lbw. A certainty you can add to life, death and taxes. Guptill getting out lbw. Thought it must be said it was a good ball. Pitched and cut back in, kept a bit low and Guptill had already plonked his front leg forward and across, 

the bat has to come around the pad, doesn't in time, the ball has skidded through to strike him low and he was right in front. Ox makes the call. And a promising innings has been cut off. He was looking really dangerous today and the intent was there, to play a big innings, in his own aggressive style, but couldn't carry on. Guptill lbw b U Yadav 27(21)

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