Kane Williamson trapped leg before by K Jadhav

12.6 K Jadhav to Williamson, out Lbw!! Scotty Styris with this cheeky comment on air when Jadhav was thrown the ball, today: "If he (Jadhav) gets a wicket today, I'm going home. That's it." Now Sunny G taunts him on air, saying he is looking for the next flight out of here. But what a wicket and a fine delivery to get it too. Completely did Williamson in. But Williamson too has to take the blame for preempting the sweep. 

Irrespective of where the ball pitches, he has decided to sweep. Slower and the seam was rotating in the air, pitched and went straight on, Williamson missed the sweep as he was early into the shot. Struck in-line, no doubts about that and Ox has the finger raised. Easy call and Jadhav is running around in delight. Snuggles into MS' arms with his head down into the keeper's gloves. Did a little jig too. Big wicket. The golden arm for sure now. Williamson lbw b K Jadhav 22(27) 

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