Rahane caught by Corey Anderson he dont know it was taken clearly

18.4 Southee to Rahane, out Caught by Corey Anderson!! Anderson does not know whether he has taken it cleanly but it is a great effort from him there at deep backward square. Soft signal is out as the umpires refer it. Fair delivery, it has bounced. It seems from where we are seeing it. We will wait for the final call from the man who matters in the end. Corey dived well in front but just did not stretch enough and the ball bounced, more like a half-volley there. Short ball, 
set him up well who went for the pull and did not make the right connection, scooped it to the man positioned well for this one. Anderson saw it early, charged and dived to snaffle it on the bounce. Straightaway signalled that he was not sure. The third umpire is not sure about it. The longer it takes for him to make the decision and the better it is for Rahane. OUT! What was that. He took forever the third umpire. And contrary to my belief that he was going to overturn the soft signal, he sank Rahane's ship with the red button. India in some trouble here. Rahane c Corey Anderson b Southee 28(49) [4s-3]

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