Martin Guptill falles early to Yadav dream delivery

0.2 U Yadav to Guptill, out Bowled!! End of story. Second ball. But this is a special delivery. Not much Guptill or anyone in world cricket for that matter could have done about this. How do you play such a ball, first up, when the feet are tentative, the hand-eye co-ordination isn't at its best. It swung in the air, pitched around off and then completely opened Guptill up on the forward defence. 
He was playing for the original line, but it moved away at the last moment and out went the off stump. Cartwheeling. A fast bowler's dream delivery. Replays show that the ball may have pitched slightly around middle, Guptill played down the wrong line and once he did that, had no chance. Magnificent start for India and Yadav is jumping around in delight. Guptill b U Yadav 0(2)

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