Axar Patel caught by Santner Guptill's full toss does the trick

40.1 Guptill to Axar, out Caught by Santner!! What a gamble. I'm sure Williamson will take those two wides for this wicket as a reasonable trade. Sure as hell he will. A good old part-timer's full toss does the trick. Axar's eyes light up. He wants to knock the cover off the ball. Instead, mistimes it towards long-on. 
It's Santner there and he almost ends up making a meal of it. Could have easily taken it around chest high with a couple of strides forward but chooses to wait and then dive for the catch. Maybe for a different sense of thrill. India in deep trouble now. Axar c Santner b Guptill 17(22) [6s-1]

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