Dhoni lets Kohli score winning runs

We have often seen MS Dhoni in the role of a finisher. Gone are those days where he used to handle pressure situations and finishing off the matches in his own style. Nevertheless, he is still one of the best in the business.In the fifth ODI against Sri Lanka in 2017 at Columbo, Dhoni let Virat Kohli play the role of a finisher. In that match,
Kohli played a match-winning knock of 110 from 116 balls. When Kohli was batting on 109, Dhoni came to the crease and took a single in the first ball he faced as he could bring Kohli on strike to score the winning runs. The current captain was all smiles and he scored the winning runs.Dhoni did the same in 2014 ICC World T20 semi-final as well. Dhoni defended a ball so that Kohli could finish the match. "You have batted really well. What else can I gift you?" the then captain quipped.

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