Virender Sehwag hit the first ball of ice cricket for a boundary

There was Sehwag hitting those sixes at the backdrop of breathtaking Alpine range, Shahid Afridi's customary celebrations, Akhtar sledging Sehwag in jest -- every ingredient needed to make the event a success. Virender Sehwag, in his prime, never had 'surface tension' and now at 40, with spectacles it still does not matter. Just like he had thrashed a young Shoaib Akhtar 10 years back on turf wickets , Akhtar was handed the same treatment in front of 500-odd spectators at the inaugural St Moritz Ice Cricket Challenge on Thursday. Mostly Asian expatriates and tourists along with a few bewildered locals trying to figure out what the game was all about were present. A Swiss sitting in the stands commented: "This game seems as relaxed as a game of golf. Very relaxed I must say."

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