Pakistan Team World T20 Qualification scenarios


Pakistan (Points 2; NRR +0.254)

Pakistan started off with a brilliant performance with the bat at Kolkata against Bangladesh but fell off against arch rivals India and then against New Zealand. Their current net run rate of +0.254 is ahead of Australia, Bangladesh and India.

Matches left:

vs Australia, Mohali, 25 March 2016
Qualification scenarios:

- If they lose against Australia on Friday they are out of contention for the semifinals.

- If they win, they have to hope India loses at least one of their remaining matches to stay in contention. If they beat Australia and India lose against Bangladesh or Australia, they would end up in a three-way tie depending on how the results go in other three games and net run rate will be the decider. If India lose both their remaining games, they would be in a two-way tie with Australia or a three-way tie with Bangladesh and Australia depending on the outcome of New Zealand - Bangladesh game.

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